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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are simply two guys who were lucky enough to find each other, have grown together, live a little, and fall in love along the way. And now, we are looking to start our own journey.

Let us tell you our story...

Our adventure started 9 years ago, on a cold January night. We are both souls who are looking for someone that have the same values, characteristics, and humor. We first met physically last August 2010 in a nice, beautiful, sunny weather of Banff (our first trip together). After traveling to Banff, we decided that we need to see each other again. We traveled the world together and take any opportunity to explore another country's landscape, language, and culture. From there, we hit the ground running.

As we moving forward to our journey, we would like to thank you for navigating with us in this voyage called life.