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You can search for a couple by entering in the bride or groom's first and / or last name to find their honeymoon registry.

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Sadie King and Christopher Lemmon
Jarilyn Lawrence and Kenneth Richards
Kimberly Laughton and Henry ParkerKimberly Laughton and Henry ParkerSpringfield, MO
Jenna Linfield and Bradley CowlesJenna Linfield and Bradley CowlesNapa Valley, CA
Amanda Shultz and Jaime LopezColorado Springs, CO
Joe Eccleston and Katie Leach
Jennifer Lewis and Paul Gonnering
Opal Lawler and Guy MartinTehachapi, Ca
Michelle Lewis and Jason ElliotDeception bay, Qld
Pamela Schmidt and Peter Labazzetta Jr.Pamela Schmidt and Peter Labazzetta Jr.Irmo, SC
George Liparidis and Olimbia Liparidis
Betty Lemos and David ArellanoBetty Lemos and David ArellanoEl Cajon, CA
Amey Gates and Jason LeeAmey Gates and Jason LeeGustine, ca
Kelsey Curtis and Michael Lykins
Rafael Llorente and Rochelle Papa Llorente
Sandra Richmond and Casey Lanier
Lori Ladyko and Thomas Robertson
Roberta Last and Stephen Last
Pearl Law and Steven Law
Alysse Walker and Lukas Levin
Grace Wu and Hua Lim
Deanna Bull and Michael Lattin
Guylaine Lemieux and Denis Brière
Hayley Laske and Tommy Brunansky
Kathryn Chao and Steve LuArcadia, CA
Russell Lethborg and Judy Lethborg
Hao Yan Chen and Zihua Liang
Marie Claude Campion and Robert Leonard
Ruth Leung-Lo and Hon Hung Leung
Lauren Loizides and Brian DurfeySunnyvale, CA
Takeshi Tamura and Miyeun Lee
Amy Ng and Sunny Lam
Tonia Purtee and Mike LamsterRacine, WI
Dora C H Lee Chui and Frankie C P Lee
Sumarlin H Lim and Erna Lie
Gideon Leoganda and Kari Leoganda
Jeffrey Lips and Brenda Hanley
Stephen Lee and LAN Hua Li
Fred LO and Petty LO
Sachie Lee and Clint Lee
Wai Yan Yeung and Ka Sing Leung
Ning Luo and Cyan Zhang
Liane Lam and Gerda ChuLiane Lam and Gerda ChuParkland, Florida
Ella KaupenaKowali Lee and Curtis Wayne Lee
Antônio Lopes and Mercia Lopes
Ann La Bianca and Richard La Bianca
Stephen McFann and Vicki Lawrence
Leang Hout LIM and Suzanne Duong LIM
Alain Lefebvre and Sonya Dupuis
YANRU ZHAO and Ming LiangYANRU ZHAO and Ming Liang

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