Cheryl & Lloyd
Cheryl & Lloyd

After 40 years, it's about time we make it official. Cheryl and Lloyd are getting married!

Cheryl Petersen
Lloyd Huskey

May 13th 2023
On board our cruise Pacific, Ocean
433 Days Ago

Cheryl and Lloyd met each other through friends when in high school in Portland, Oregon, and over the (far too many) years remained friends despite relocations and changes in relationship status.  We reconnected again almost 7 years ago, when Cheryl moved from Oregon to Alaska to join Lloyd in a loving future together.  Now we're making it official in a way that we feel best describes our relationship: fun & relaxed, low-drama (even a little silly) yet special. If you haven’t met one of us, here are some hints to get to know us a little bit better. 

Other things Cheryl loves…British costume dramas, cheese Danish and Vienna roast, off-beat museums, critters, the stories of Neil Gaiman, local theater, Monty Python, riding trains, practicing yoga, Wordle, full-bodied Reds, marching bands, birding, be-bop Jazz, low-down Blues, any Mozart, and my wonderful mom, Carolyn, and sister, Leslie.

Other things Lloyd loves…his daughter Morgan, the Blazers, Timbers, Seahawks and Cubs, the Oregon Coast, local history museums, puns!,  motorcycles, hot tubs, The Stones, Little Feat, Emmylou Harris, MST3K, rib eye steaks, Hot Licks Ginger Ice Cream, dear family, friends, and of course our 2 kitties, Rudy and Bucky.

We invite you to peruse our registry if you are inclined to send a little something to help make our wedding trip even more delightful.  Since we have merged our households, we have plenty of "gear", and really don't need things. Experiences together are the type of gifts we give each other now. Lloyd’s mother, Jan, and sister, Diane, will be with us enjoying this cruise.  Having your thoughts and good wishes will make our wedding and our trip together even more special!

We hope to have many more travels, and to see our friends and family from many parts of the country (and across the sea.)  For now, we want you to know that we love and miss you, and look forward to the time we can see you face-to-face again.