Sharon & Bill
Sharon & Bill

We’re getting married!

Sharon Greenhagen
William Riley

August 9th 2022
At Sea Alaska
294 Days Ago

We met in 2002 performing and producing variety shows as fund raisers for the Towe Auto Museum. A couple years later, we started dating. The next year we were dancing together on stage. Since then, our partnership has grown and we have performed all over Northern California and Nevada with our company Dancing On A Heartstring.

In 2018, "Heartstring" became our new passion when we purchased and renamed our 36 foot sailboat. Now we spend most every weekend Sailing On A Heartstring on the San Francisco Bay.

We have built a partnership and a friendship that has endured many ups and downs over the years. One thing we know for sure: We love spending time together.

Although we have been together for 423 years, as we sail into the sunset, in Bill's words, "it's time to take our relationship to the next level." (as an engineer, Bill doesn't like to rush into anything and is a master of understatement).

We are very excited about this next chapter in the story of our Heartstrings. Thank you for being part of our journey.