Great Love, amazing adventure, & bad dancing! Save the date for a once in a life time journey because We are getting married!


October 5th 2023
293 Days Ago


Quintin & Emily first met in High Level AB, at the Fox Haven Golf Course on May 19, 2019. Emily lived in High Level and was celebrating her birthday with friends. Quintin was only in High Level for work and was golfing with colleagues. After the two had locked eyes, Emily’s friends strongly encouraged each other’s group to join together that day. Thankfully the two had exchanged phone numbers, because the very next day the entire town was evacuated due to a wild fire! As the two-week evacuation rolled-on, the two were separated geographically but technology allowed them to stay in contact & grow closer. After they returned to High Level, they realized they were more than just friends who enjoyed the same things, because their feelings grew into love! 

As the pair were newly in love, Quintin lived in St. Albert AB (8hrs south of Emily) & his contract in High Level came to an end. Quintin was next expected to work in Howe Sound BC, Terrace Bay ON, and then Nanticoke ON. Emily happily joined Quintin, and embarked on a life changing road trip from West to East, which also included meeting each other’s families! The magic of Quintitus soon changed Emily’s views of men, city living, & ever living common-law again. Shortly thereafter, Emily sold her house to become common-law with Quintin, which began their new journey to living and working in the city of Edmonton AB!

After 2yrs of city life, Quintin planned a vacation in Golden BC where they could enjoy some time in the great outdoors. Emily of course, thought it would be a good idea to plan an activity that included adrenaline & something they each had never done before. So, parasailing off the top of Golden’s highest mountain it would be! After being flown up to the highest peek of Mount 7 by helicopter, the two enjoyed an exhilarating hike looking down on clouds, mountain goats, & grizzlies! To top that, Emily was completely taken by surprise when Quintin proposed on top of the mountain. All of this took place BEFORE they were about to parasail off the mountain, with no life or ring insurance!

Not only did they survive, but now they planning to embark on the adventure of a life time, and being best friends is their strongest asset!

Quintin & Emily would like to share they’re At Sea Wedding with family and friends! This event will be taking place on a 14-day Mediterranean Cruise, aboard the Princess Enchanted, which sets sail from Barcelona, Spain Sept 30 2023. Aboard this magnificent ship, the captain him/her self will be marrying the couple Oct 05 2023 while at sea!