Laura & Trevor
Laura & Trevor

We’re getting married! **Please RSVP no later than January 10, 2023!**

Laura Donnell
Trevor Garza

April 10th 2023
Galveston TX
466 Days Ago

Trevor and Laura met in the typical romantic way that only true love stories depict - via the Hinge dating app, of course! Trevor took Laura out to El Arroyo where he tried to steal her heart by sharing a margarita to wrap up their dinner - something they'll both never forget and is a topic of conversation often (fun fact: Laura is EXTREMELY grossed out by sharing drinks). Following dinner, they didn't want the date to end, so Trevor took Laura for a drive around Arlington, TX to show her a lot of the places he would hang out and frequent while studying nursing at UTA. One place that stood out - Sandy McNutt Elementary School. They giggled like children for far longer than they should have at the name, and have often claimed this is how we knew we were meant for one another.


Fast forward to 2.5 years later when Trevor takes Laura to dinner at El Arroyo in December 2021. This time, he didn't attempt to split a margarita! He told her that they were going to get ice cream after dinner, but ended up pulling over at Sandy McNutt Elementary School and popping the big question. Laura said "yes" while dying of laughter and the rest was history!